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At Page, we know it can be overwhelming to plan for the future. Let us simplify the process for you with personalized consultations and in house free seminars. 


There are seven types of retirement plans and at PAGE we can help you decipher which one is best for you and your individual goals. From IRA’s to Private Pensions, we will help you sort through the jargon and secure your financial future.

Why start a retirement plan?

With modern technology and medicine, people are living longer than ever before. That sounds great, but it also means longer periods of retirement, during which you must pay for housing, food, long term care and more. It is important to start saving for retirement at an early age. Opening a retirement plan is a great way to invest in your future.

What types of retirement plans exist?

There are 7 main types of retirement plans.

  1. Individual retirement account (IRA): This type of account allows you to contribute money, which is invested tax-deferred. Your gains can grow quicker since they are not taxed until you withdraw funds at retirement.
  2. Roth IRA: This plan differs from a regular IRA in one main way… contributions are made after tax. This means that funds within a Roth IRA are not taxed again. You can withdraw your funds before retirement without penalties.
  3. 401(k): This is an employer-sponsored retirement plan to which you can contribute a pre-tax portion of each paycheck. Contributing to a 401(k) lowers the amount of income you pay taxes on. Additionally, many employers offer matching programs as an employee benefit.
  4. Roth 401(k): This plan combines features of Roth IRA and 401(k). It is offered through employers, but contributions come from your after-tax salary. Like a Roth IRA, funds in the account are not taxed again.
  5. Simple IRA: This plan is like a 401(k) and is often offered by small businesses. Contributions come from pre-tax paychecks and money grows tax-deferred until retirement.
  6. SEP IRA: This plan works well for self-employed individuals, who can contribute part of their paychecks. Contributions can be deducted from income taxes. Plus, annual contribution limits are higher than many other retirement plans.
  7. PRIVATE PENSIONS: Allow you to protect a portion of your funds from market risk but still gives you the opportunity for long term gains as well as the ability to supplement income when you are ready to retire. 

Lunch and Learn - Retirement 101 Seminars

Join us for lunch and to learn more about what retirement plan might best fit your needs. We will break down the ins and outs of each option and help you decide what will be best for your family and your future. The seminar is complimentary, we look forward to meeting you!

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